Investment Opportunity

Join us on the RefStuff journey with the launch of the RefScorer Digital watch, due for worldwide release in May 2018…

The RefScorer Digital is a new and innovative idea, concept and design of sports watch. We have a patent pending for the watch and because of the unique features involved, Mathys & Squire; a leading patent lawyer, assisted us in applying for our first patent. We are now seeking to raise funding and investment: to help propel the launch of the game changing RefScorer Digital watch and to get to market as fast as possible.

We are currently seeking an Angel Investor(s) and we are looking to raise £100,000 in return for 20% equity share in our company and the whole range of new and fresh innovative products. The funding raised will bring the RefScorer Digital watch through the stages of research and development, prototypes, trialling, testing, perfecting and also full production ready for global sales, as well as controlling a comprehensive marketing, advertising and promotional campaign.


When you invest and join us at RefStuff you will:

– help us to bring great new innovative products to the sporting world.

– share in our success as the company grows.

– join our journey innovating and developing new sports products.

– we have SEIS certification so you may be eligible for up to 50% tax relief on your investment.

The main purpose and vision of the RefStuff brand is simple – to create a world leading brand and to revolutionise the way sporting matches are refereed and in particular to enhance and improve the management of the matches and how they are scored.

We would like to invite you to review our investment deck, business plan, financial statements and projections. Please let us have your contact details below and we will send this over to you.

We look forward to potentially welcoming you to the RefStuff family!

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